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Life's many roads, lead us in many different directions on different paths,

On these roads of travel we see new people, new things,

Everything appears to be perfect.


But, there shall come times when the road is long,

The journey seems rough and the new people,

Places and things you once saw, are no longer around…

You stand alone.


Even though the road may then seem lonely, you keep pushing

on Praying .

Believing that "Yes I can, Yes I will."

And when no one else believes in you, you believe in yourself.


I know the road was hard, it was long -

Because I traveled the same path.

So don't look back, just continue to push forward -

All that are in the way, move them out - shun the negativity.


Stay head strong, thank God for everything -

Especially for this long harsh road.

Because it was simply

A long journey to success.




Best Regards,


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