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Apnea of prematurity. pdf
Care of LBW.pdf
Care of newlyborn.pdf
Challanges in care of VLBW.pdf
Chest physiotherapy. pdf
Danger signals in newborn.pdf
Developmentally supportive care.pdf
ET Tube care.pdf
Examination of newborn.
Fetal heart rate monitoring.pdf
Fever management practical issues.pdf
Fluids & electrolytes basics.pdf
Improving newborn care.pdf
Infection control in NICU.pdf
Intercostal drain procedure.pdf Jaundice newborn.pdf
Mech Ventilation Getting started.pdf
Modes of ventilation. pdf
Monitoring ventilator baby.pdf
MSAF delivery room care.pdf
Neo case studies.pdf
Neo CPR.pdf 2
Neo seizures case based approach.pdf
Neo seizures Ongoing dilemma.pdf
Neo Xrays 10 commandments. pdf
Neonatal acute renal failure.pdf
Neonatal airleak syndromes.pdf
Neonatal anemia.pdf
Neonatal endocrinology. pdf
Neonatal jaundice practical issues.pdf
Neonatal jaundice update.pdf
Neonatal Monitoring.pdf
Neonatal screening Tests.pdf
Neonatal sepsis Practical issues.pdf
Neuroimaging in neo seizures.pdf
Newborn Care in Golden Hour.pdf
nrp brief.pdf
Osteopenia of prematurity. pdf
Oxygen in newborn.pdf
PALS Update 05.pdf 1
Patient triggered ventilation. pdf
Pharmacotherapy of ventilated newborn.pdf
Physiology of thermoregulation. pdf
Rational oxygen therapy.pdf
Refractory newborn seizures.
Screening for hematologic disorders.pdf
Setting up of NICU.pdf
Surfactant replacement therapy.
Surfactant therapy.pdf
Temperature issues in critical care.pdf
Umbilical catheterisation. pdf





Cong anomalies of coronaries.rar 120 KB File 2008-02-29 49 Download 'Cong anomalies of coronaries.rar'

EMTPediatricTrauma.rar 11 KB File 2008-02-29 74 Download 'EMTPediatricTrauma.rar'

Neonatology NSC.rar 257 KB File 2008-02-29 120 Download 'Neonatology NSC.rar'

Pedi Medical.rar 16 KB File 2008-02-29 58 Download 'Pedi Medical.rar'

Pedi Respiratory.rar 220 KB File 2008-02-29 73 Download 'Pedi Respiratory.rar'

pediatric acne.rar 114 KB File 2008-02-29 56 Download 'pediatric acne.rar'

Pediatric Assessment NSC.rar 47 KB File 2008-02-29 72 Download 'Pediatric Assessment NSC.rar'

Pediatric Resuscitation.rar 15 KB File 2008-02-29 129 Download 'Pediatric Resuscitation.rar'

Pediatric shock.rar 122 KB File 2008-02-29 83 Download 'Pediatric shock.rar'

Pediatric trauma.rar 45 KB File 2008-02-29 46 Download 'Pediatric trauma.rar'

Pediatrics Infectious Diseases.rar 270 KB File 2008-02-29 152 Download 'Pediatrics Infectious Diseases.rar'

Pediatrics presentation.rar 1,405 KB File 2008-02-29 136 Download 'Pediatrics presentation.rar'

PediTrauma.rar 303 KB File 2008-02-29 27 Download 'PediTrauma.rar'

poisoning_dr_hamdy.rar 1,431 KB File 2008-02-29 53 Download 'poisoning_dr_hamdy.rar'

Special Healthcare NeedsNSC.rar 369 KB File 2008-02-29 41 Download 'Special Healthcare NeedsNSC.rar'

Tof.rar 527 KB File 2008-02-29 39 Download 'Tof.rar'

Update on Neonatal Resuscitation Based on Neonatal Resuscitation Program 4th edition AAPAHA Year 2000 NRP.rar 886 KB File 2008-02-29 73 Download 'Update on Neonatal Resuscitation Based on Neonatal Resuscitation Program 4th edition AAPAHA Year 2000 NRP.rar'

X ray Pediatrics.rar 208 KB File 2008-02-29 284


Pediatrics lecture notes for Students

These are the uploaded classes in text form by DR.NS.MANI.MD
Associate Professor in Pediatrics GOVT.MEDICAL
The slides are excellent and format is pdf.


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