"I owe no man anything but love" it is said.
But what is love? Love is duty ~ whatever
duty may require to accomplish a good thing.

Love is peace.
 One must not only be peaceful but contribute
to the peace of others.
Let there be peace and let it begin with me.

Love is sometimes pain.
We must give up something that causes us pain
 because it is for the good of the greatest number.

Love is understanding.
 That others do not have to forever explain their
actions to us.
That we know their reasons without being told.

Love is courage.
Courage to lead where one has the ability to lead.
Courage to stand up for what one believes in and wants to live.

Love is faith.
Faith in God, faith in self, and faith in others.
Everyone is not above reproach, but we must
 have faith that the majority strive to be.
Coleridge wrote, "He prayeth best who loveth best,"
which seems to rule out all hollow and self~heard prayers.
For those who truly love do not hear themselves only,
or rule all life useless because they cannot pray or love.

Life can be as simple as love and prayer.
Where the two mingle there can be no jealousy, resentment, or fear.
Jealousy makes us compare our lot with another's.
 And there can be no comparison, for no two people are alike.
Resentment plunges an otherwise logical soul
into despair and an endless journey of revenge.
And fear rushes us headlong into situations that detract, accidents
that could be prevented, and long delays in reaching our goals.

But if we can, for a few moments, invite into our hearts
a thing called love, then we can pray.
And if we can pray we have the source of all answers to our aid.

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