Pick A Positive Thought


Most of the things you worry so much about
would never happen if they were left alone.
Yet by your persistent focus on them, you greatly
 increase their likelihood. It is wise to be concerned
and to take actions that will address those concerns.
 Yet it is foolish to simply worry, day after day,
 until that worry is soon manifest into something real.

Each day you fill your mind with thousands of thoughts.
 Those thoughts have much power because they influence
 little thing you do, and those little things quickly add up.

So rather than filling your mind with worrisome thoughts,
 fill it with positive, enthusiastic,
 loving and life-affirming ones.
 Then, rather
than letting the power of your thoughts
 push you down, those thoughts will be lifting you up.

The next time you find yourself with a worry or anxiety,
 think of it as a pebble in your hand. Simply let go of it,
 let it drop naturally, effortlessly to the ground,
 and continue on your way.
Then pick a positive, enriching thought to take its place.

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